About Us

Founded in the early 2010s, Vintage Lighting Ltd, doing business as (dba) PendantLightie - https://pendantlightie.com creates vintage lighting, lamp, fixture, and LED from our specialty manufacturing facilities. Our company runs its own vintage lighting manufacturing factories in the USA, Australia, Mexico, China, and Vietnam.

PendantLightie has become a leading eCommerce website for vintage pendant decor lighting with its handmade designs from skilled craftsmen. We have evolved into a specialty manufacturer capable of providing customers with unique farmhouse, cottage, log cabin, and barn lighting fixtures. We have hundreds of types of pendant lighting styles to choose from, with the young and brilliant designers, keeping our farmhouse lighting styles always on the front of the trend.

Our goal is to offer a complete selection of quality rustic and PendantLightie fixtures at the lowest prices, and with the best online shopping experience for our customers. From vintage farmhouse to rustic handcrafted wooden lights, we get a wide range of styles for you, you can discover your style right here! Also, our website includes detailed merchandise information, full-color photographs with zoom capabilities, and a close product recommendation service, you can shop easily for the comfort of your home.

PendantLightie is proud to be part of the Vintage Lighting Ltd group and what you see on our website is just a small portion of the many products we manufacture.

by Vintage Lighting Ltd
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