Trending Lighting 2023

Trending Lighting 2023 - Pendantlightie

Doubling as a source of light and the focal point in any room, the hanging light fixture is an expert at blending function with fashion. Here are the trending lights we recommend.


Modern Multi-Color Glass Pendant Cluster Lights

For a modern alternative to a chandelier, the colorful glass cluster lights have an equally unbelievable punch, which is the best pick. This glass globe pendant light creates a bright look in contemporary and vintage style with different color shapes.


Contemporary Clear Glass Bubble Chandelier

Glass bubble chandelier is an interpretation of modern glass chandelier, explaining its fashion and function to us. Crafted from glass and metal, this modern clear glass bubble chandelier features several clear glass globes while the bulbs are hidden in it to finish its look. 


Modern Mid-Century Gold Sputnik Chandelier

Whether hanging one in a living room or clustered over a kitchen island, this modern mid-century gold sputnik chandelier makes for popular fixture choices with its versatility and many styles.


5-Light Glass Bubble Sputnik Light Fixture

Push the boundaries of form and function with this 5-light bubble sputnik light fixture. With the perfect combination of metal and glass, this 5-light glass sputnik light fixture features a metal cylinder while the several curved metal arms spread out to different angles drive in it, and each curved arm accommodates a glass bubble shade in the end.

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